The Oncology Patient Journey

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Look at the Interactive Roles within the Oncology Patient Journey

In this infographic, we dug deep into our database to determine which questions and roles pertained to each HCP from an interactional standpoint. By differentiating communicatory patterns both inside and outside of the exam room, we were able to separate the interactional roles to gauge the overall impact they have on the patient. At Verilogue, we know how important it is to raise awareness about the War on Cancer, and this infographic can show you the role of each soldier on the patient's battlefield. 

Download this Infographic Today to Learn:

  • What Each HCP / Caregiver role is during the Patient Journey within Cancer
  • What Questions need to be considered for each stage of Interaction
  • How the journey's implications are different both inside and outside of the exam room
To Access the Infographic, Please click on the Link Below:
INFOGRAPHIC - Oncology patient journey-2022


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